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GCSE Results day 2019

July 2019 

Dear Parent or Carer, 

Re: Year 11 GCSE Examination Results Day - Thursday 22nd August 2019 

I am writing to inform you about the arrangements for the GCSE examination results day on Thursday 22nd August 2019, when the school will be open from 10.00 a.m. until 12.00 p.m. for your child to collect their GCSE results. If your child is unable to collect their GCSE examination results in person, a family member can collect the results on their behalf. However, the chosen person MUST have signed, written permission from your child, as well as proof of identity such as a driving license or passport in order to be able to receive the results. In addition on this day, a careers advisor as well as representatives from further education colleges will be available to offer advice and guidance to your child regarding their Post-16 destinations. 


As the examination centre, Kingsford Community School will support requests for GCSE examination papers to be re-marked where appropriate. A re-mark could lead to a GCSE grade going up or down. Therefore the school must be satisfied that there is a strong case for the GCSE examination mark to improve, prior to agreeing to a re-mark. On receiving your child’s examination results, subject staff may have concerns and in discussion with you and your child, they may recommend that the GCSE result awarded needs investigation. If this is the case, the School will fund the cost for a re-mark. Please note that re-marks cost on average £30 upwards per paper. In a situation where the subject staff see no justification for a re-mark (based on final preparation, practice essays, mock papers etc.) then a re-mark will not be authorised by the school. 

No re-mark request will be processed until discussions have been undertaken with relevant teaching staff. Your child must collect a re-mark form, known as an Enquiries About Results (EAR) form, from the Examinations Officer, Nicola Okundalaiye and complete this as well as obtain the signature of the subject leader for the EAR form to be processed. The final deadline to make a request to the school for a re-mark is Monday 2nd September 2019.  (Please see the attached Year 11 GCSE Results Day 2019 Query Form) 


GCSE examination certificates are expected to arrive at the school in November 2019. The school will host a GCSE certificate collection evening - date to be confirmed. On this evening your child will have the opportunity to collect their GCSE Examinations certificates in person. Certificates not collected are returned to the GCSE examination boards who charge a significant fee to re-issue each GCSE certificate. If you have any further queries about GCSE examination results day, please do not hesitate to contact the school via e-mail at  

Kingsford Community School looks forward to celebrating the culmination of your child’s hard work over the past five years and would like to wish your child every success for the future as they embark on their Post-16 education. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Joan Deslandes OBE 
Head Teacher 



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