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Year 6 to 7 Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

All of us at Kingsford, are very much looking forward to  September 2020, when your child will join us, as a member of our new Year 7 cohort, to continue their learning and progress at Kingsford Community School!  

To support your child to be prepared for learning at Kingsford, there will be a Virtual Transition Day. The resources associated with the Virtual Transition Day will be live on the school website from Thursday 9th July 2020. The Virtual Transition Day resources will enable parents and carers to be actively involved in the  transition process and to learn more about how to support their child/children as they get ready to start their secondary school education.  

Please note that your child does not have to complete the  Virtual Transition Day activities on Thursday 9th July as the school is conscious that parents have other demands being placed upon them during this unprecedented time. The date by which the Virtual Transition Day activities must be completed by your child is Tuesday 14th July.

In the interim if you have any queries please contact

Thank you for your support and for working in partnership with Kingsford Community School.

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