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7th January 2020 

Dear Parents and Carers,  

You will be aware that the Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly across the nation and that all schools are closed until at least the February 2021 half term. This means that from Monday, 11th January 2021, ‘Kingsford at Home’, the school’s remote learning programme will re-start for your child whilst they remain at home under national lockdown. 

1. Closure of School Site  

In line with the latest government guidance the school site is closed indefinitely, to all pupils, with the exception of the children of key workers and vulnerable children. All Teaching and Tutor provision for your child will be delivered remotely. (The parents of key worker and vulnerable pupils have received a separate communication from the school with details of the school’s on-site arrangements for their children). 

2. ‘Kingsford At Home’ Arrangements 

To access ‘Kingsford at Home’ your child requires an electronic device. All parents were advised in September 2020, that an electronic device either a Chromebook or Laptop was amongst the essential school equipment that parents were expected to provide for their child. Contrary to the impression given in the media, the government is not issuing electronic equipment to schools for each and every one of their pupils. The government equipment is being allocated to schools for identified vulnerable pupils only. There have been parental requests made for such equipment, which regrettably the school is unable to accommodate due to vulnerable pupils being prioritised. In line with the Home-School Agreement, please can you provide your child with the equipment the school has stated that your child needs for their studies. Should you be in a circumstance of exceptional hardship in relation to providing your child with an electronic device, please contact your child’s Year Progress Leader for advice about your child’s access to ‘Kingsford at Home’. 

3. Timings of the School Day 

Morning registration and subject lessons will follow the timings indicated below: 

National Lockdown 2021: Timing of the School Day 

Morning Registration with Tutor 

08.30 - 08.40

Period 1 

08.45 - 09.35

Period 2 

09.35 - 10.25


10.25 - 10.40

Period 3 

10.45 - 11.35

Period 4 

11.35 - 12.25

Lunch Time 

12.25 – 13.15  

Period 5 

13.15 - 14.05

Period 6 

14.05- 14.55


4. Registering for School and Lessons 

a) Morning Registration With The Tutor 

Your child’s Tutor will register your child and the Tutor Group via ‘Google Meet’ at 8.30 a.m. each day, as of Monday 11th January 2021. Your child should simply login to ‘Google Meet’ at 8.30 a.m. on each school day. If your child does not register for school, this will be followed up by the Tutor, Pastoral Support Officer or Year Progress Leader. Your child is expected to register with their Tutor every school day without fail. If there is an exceptional reason why your child is unable to register for school on any day e.g., they are very ill, please let the school know by sending an email to explain the circumstances to Attendance_Team@

b) Registering for Subject Lessons 

Your child’s subject teacher will register your child and the other pupils in the class, at the start of each lesson via ‘Google Meet’.  Your child should simply login to ‘Google Meet’ at the start time for each of their subject lessons. Your child is familiar with this process and will know what to do. 

c) Pupil Absence 

All pupil absences will be followed up in line with current pupil absence procedures via the Tutor, Pastoral Support Officer, Year Progress Leader and the Attendance Team. Where there are serious concerns about non-attendance the matter will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer. 

4. Lesson Delivery  

Your child’s subject lessons will be taught ‘live’, by your child’s teachers, unless the teacher is absent due to sickness. In this circumstance a pre-recorded lesson will be provided and your child will be expected to complete the set tasks and continue with their learning. Your child must sign into the ‘Google Meet’ link for each of their lessons at the appropriate time, as per their school timetable. Please note: 

i) At the start of the lesson, staff will: 

a) Introduce the lesson and provide the lesson objectives. 

b) Teach specific information (skills, knowledge etc.), as required. 

c) Give guidance to pupils in the class about the lesson activities that they are required to undertake and complete that day. 

d) Give pupils time during the lesson to undertake specific learning consolidation activities. During this time the teacher and pupils may log out of the ‘Google Meet’ link if the teacher gives this instruction. 

ii)) Towards the end of the lesson, staff will: 

e) The teacher will ensure that there is a lesson plenary during the last 10-15 minutes of the lesson time frame, to clarify any points and provide other guidance that pupils may require e.g. in relation to homework, flipped learning activities or any reading that pupils should undertake. 

5. Remote Learning Guidance 

Because the lessons are ‘live’ lessons, pupils should be dressed appropriately, preferably in school uniform and should be free from any distractions. All pupils are now very familiar with the school’s remote learning arrangements. However, please do familiarise yourself with the ‘Kingsford at Home’ remote learning guidance on the school website This guidance has been updated to support parents and pupils and includes guidance about ‘Google Meet’ and ‘Google Classroom’, Tutorials, Helpsheets and Direct links to the Kingsford Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This will support your child and all pupils in Year 7 - 11 in relation to the ‘Kingsford at Home’ remote lessons arrangements that will run from next week. 

6. Pupil Progress and Achievement  

Pupils and parents should use the normal channels of communication (Tutor/Year Progress Leader/Subject Teacher) if they wish to discuss academic performance or to raise any issues about learning and progress.  


This situation is not what anyone wanted in educational terms but our remote learning programme across the whole School is tried and tested and has developed significantly since the first national lockdown in March 2020. All pupils will receive support in the weeks ahead from my leadership team and I, teachers, the pastoral team and other support staff, to allow them to make good academic progress and to remain fully engaged with Kingsford Community School. 

Thank you for your support and co-operation with these arrangements. 

With good wishes and kind regards, 

J Deslandes 

Joan Deslandes 

Head Teacher 

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