Kingsford Community School

Parent evenings

Parents' evenings provide an opportunity to discuss what your child is doing at school and how they are getting on. You can also cover any issues you may want to talk about with your child's subject teacher. This will help you to become better involved in your child's learning and provide practical support. Please find below a summary of the key dates for each year group:

  • Year 7 Parents evening - 28th November 2019
  • Year 8 Parents evening - 13th February 2020
  • Year 9 Parents evening - 6th February 2020
  • Year 10 Parents evening - 30th January 2020
  • Year 11 Parents and Post 16 transition evening - 21st November 2019
  • Year 11 Parents evening - 16th January 2020

Student Academic Counselling day (SAC) provides the opportunity to meet the form tutor to discuss your child's progress across all subject areas.

  • Year 7 -10 SAC day - 18th October 2019
  • Year 7- 10 SAC day - 13th July 2020

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