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Values and Ethos

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Our Values

Our core values are aspiration, success and excellence. In order for these values to be maintained, the following values need to be upheld:

Focus – keeping your eye on the goal, academic and personal excellence

Integrity – being honest and having strong moral principles

Respect – being kind and supportive to yourself and others – treating others how you would like to be treated

Self-Determination – taking responsibility for your actions

Teamwork – working with others as together everyone achieves more

Our Ethos

Kingsford Community School is a place for excellence, achievement and progress, it is committed to enabling students to realise their potential through the provision of exciting opportunities which help them to develop their talent. We celebrate and reward both effort and achievement as it is the most effective way to motivate students towards success. All staff work towards setting achievable targets for pupils and regularly review them, in order for each individual to observe and learn from their tangible progress and move forward to even greater accomplishments.

Kingsford is a place for equality. Equality is at the core of everything we do. We believe that everyone is of equal value and entitled to equal opportunities. We have well-established systems for monitoring equality. All Learning Areas have their own policies closely linked to this integral part of the school’s ethos. This ensures that curriculum planning supports our equal opportunities and inclusion strategies.

Kingsford is also a place for partnership. There is clear evidence that students are more successful if parents and carers are actively involved in their education. We keep parents fully informed of their child’s progress through our Profile System, regular parents’ evenings and Student Academic Counselling Days. In the same way, we have developed positive links with primary schools and other secondary schools in both England and abroad. Kingsford’s unique link with independent school Brighton College (the country’s leading co-educational school), has been praised by many, including the former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, as a ‘blueprint’ for partnerships between the private and maintained educational sectors.

Kingsford is a place that transcends the classroom. A dominant aspect of the school’s ethos is committed to the provision of a full range of extra-curricular activities, particularly in: sport, debating, drama, music and computing. For us, learning does not stop when the bell goes. Central to the school-based activities is the Learning Resource Centre, where students can access numerous resources to support their learning, including a variety of e-learning opportunities such as the world-renowned Rosetta Stone, an online language learning tool which students can also access at home.

Our new building is set to enrich student life even further. The state of the art facility boasts fourteen modern classrooms; a lecture theatre for ‘university style’ teaching; a study support centre to promote independent high-level learning skills and additional dining space.

Latest Tweets

Posted Date 10/05/22
We are so proud of the talent and skill shown by our KS3 Kingsford dancers at the performance in Tower Hamlets last Thursday. They had been rehearsing after school with a visiting choreographer from for 10 weeks. Keep aspiring, keep dancing!
Posted Date 27/04/22
Congratulations to all our pupils from Years 7 to 10 for having successfully completed Student First Aid Course. After passing their theoretical assessment, they enjoyed applying the practical skills they have learned.
Posted Date 25/04/22
Today our Year 9 and 10 musicians were inspired by Grammy winner and Tabla artist and the astonishingly talented . “Follow your dreams, learn, practise, but never forget to have fun. Spread happiness and find joy in whatever you pursue. Everything is possible.”
Posted Date 14/04/22
Year 11 have had the school to themselves this week, with the excellent workshops helping them develop their oracy, formula busting sessions in science, and a range of other subject support sessions. Their and have been impressive indeed!

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