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Values and Ethos

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Our Values

At Kingsford Community School, pupils are taught, motivated and nurtured to aspire, succeed and be excellent. We believe our pupils’ potential to achieve is limitless and we provide them with the tools they need to thrive and excel as global citizens. We continually challenge our pupils to aim high, go further, and be the best they can be.

To support our pupils in this mission, we advocate and uphold the FIRST values:

Focus – keeping your eye on the goal, academic and personal excellence

Integrity – being honest and having strong moral principles

Respect – being kind and supportive to yourself and others – treating others how you would like to be treated

Self-Determination – taking responsibility for your actions

Teamwork – working with others as together everyone achieves more

Our Ethos

Kingsford Community School is a place for excellence, achievement and progress. We are committed to enabling our pupils to realise their potential through the provision of exciting opportunities which help them to develop their talent. All staff work towards setting achievable targets for pupils and regularly review them, in order for each individual to observe and learn from their tangible progress and move forwards to even greater accomplishments. Our academic results consistently improve due to our ambitious and dedicated staff, the hard work of pupils and the support of their parents.

Kingsford is a place for equality. Equality is at the core of everything we do, and is something we passionately seek to drive forward at every opportunity. As a school we are strengthened by the many nationalities and cultures represented and we seek to respect and celebrate them all. We are a diverse and inclusive family of kindness where no child is left behind, and where everyone is actively engaged and feels they belong and contribute. Our curriculum, policies, and staff professional development seek to ensure that every single member of the community feels welcome and supported to thrive.

Kingsford is also a place for partnership. There is clear evidence that pupils are more successful if parents and carers are actively involved in their education. We keep parents fully informed of their child’s progress through our Profile System, regular parents’ evenings and Pupil Academic Counselling Days. The school has developed links with schools across the globe, in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. These partnerships help to broaden the horizons of our pupils, and help them grow to be global citizens who are internationally and culturally conscious. The school also regularly receives distinguished visitors from across the world, including some of the United Kingdom’s leading politicians, who are invariably impressed with the school, its staff, and particularly its pupils. Kingsford’s unique link with top independent schools such as Brighton College, Wellington College and University College Hampstead has been praised by many as a ‘blueprint’ for partnerships between the private and maintained educational sectors.

Kingsford is a place that transcends the classroom. The school is committed to providing a diverse and engaging range of extra-curricular activities to complement the school’s robust curriculum and to spark and nurture pupils’ varied interests. Exciting trips and international visits and work experience are all part of the Kingsford learning experience.   Our Virtual Learning Environment and Learning Resource Centre are dynamic and well-used hubs, where pupils can access a range of world-class tools to support their learning. Pupils feel a deep sense of belonging to Kingsford, and the school’s ethos and clear values provide them with a strong moral compass that they carry with them for life.

Latest Tweets

Posted Date 24/04/24
🏀🎉 What a triumph for Year 7 basketball! 🏆 Our boys triumphed over Brampton Manor with a 36-15 victory. Arijus S led the way with 17 points, showcasing remarkable skill and sportsmanship. Congrats to all our talented players!
Posted Date 23/04/24
🎭 Happy Shakespeare Day! Last month, our Year 7s enjoyed a special performance of Romeo and Juliet at The Globe Theatre, enriching their understanding of Shakespeare texts and developing their cultural capital.
Posted Date 22/04/24
🏛️ Earlier this year, Year 8 English pupils visited the British Museum with Ms. Fallows. 'Legion: A Day in the Life of the Roman Army' enriched their study of Julius Caesar and consolidated our pupils’ love for history and culture.
Posted Date 18/04/24
As Cicero said, "A school without a library is like a body without a soul," and we are proud to say that our library is the soul of our community that lives and breathes a love of learning! This was never clearer than on World Book Day last month.

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