Kingsford Community School

Character and Values

At Kingsford, the FIRST values: Focus, Integrity, Respect, Self Determination and Teamwork, underpin and help to define the inclusive and positive environment we promote in all areas of school life. By recognising and celebrating these values, pupils are guided to care for themselves and each other. 

Kingsford Community School recognises the importance of ensuring young people understand and appreciate the core British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance towards those of different faiths.  These values support pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves safe and healthy, understand democracy, the importance of upholding the law and be prepared for the world of work and life in modern Britain.  We celebrate and prioritise diversity by promoting equality, challenging stereotypes and tackling issues of equality, such as racism, sexism and homophobia. 

Character Development

Education at Kingsford is not just about information but also transformation and aims to develop pupils so that they can live well in a world that is worth living in.  For us, pupils' personal development and who they become in the process of their education is just as important as their academic success.  Our ambition is for all pupils to leave us with good character attributes that are needed to be effective contributing citizens.  Character development supports pupils to become effective global citizens and recognise the value of attributes such as reflection, critical thinking, gratitude, compassion, civility, community, resilience and confidence within our curriculum. Good Character is embedded into every aspect of school life at Kingsford.

At Kingsford, the focus on developing positive character traits such as respect, honesty and integrity is vital to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment where every pupil can flourish.  It helps to guide pupils so they reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others.  Through character development pertinent to the stage of education, pupils enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing as well as their confidence and oracy. 

Character Development supports pupils to develop:

  • Respect, tolerance and an understanding of the fundamental British Values, ensuring that everyone feels included and valued.
  • Confidence and resilience which equip pupils with strategies they need to stay mentally healthy.
  • Empathy and kindness to help pupils to support each other have a strong sense of belonging and to stand up to discrimination and all forms of unkindness. 

Preparation for Life in British Society

The breadth of the curriculum allows pupils to have experience of many issues that they will face in adult life. Moreover, appropriate careers and higher education advice is provided. Positions of responsibility and activities such as community service, Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) and Combined Cadets Force (CCF) provide opportunities for personal growth and other co-curricular activities provide a range of stimuli in the form of internal and visiting speakers on topics in current affairs, business, law, ethics, equality and much more. The inclusion and promotion of fundamental British values in the academic curriculum, school ethos and co-curriculum encourages a very effective understanding of the citizenship responsibilities of citizenship of adulthood.

Preparing for Adult Life

Kingsford Community School strongly believes that every experience young people have at school contributes to their wider education and to their preparation for adult life.  This means that, whilst what happens in lessons is of fundamental importance, the school will also stress the need for the highest standards elsewhere in the school.

Consequently, punctuality to school and between lessons is much valued at Kingsford. Pupils are encouraged to be punctual and understand the consequences if they are not.  Movement in corridors and other public spaces is orderly and considerate.  Pupils are not expected to be silent around the school but they are encouraged to be caring and aware of the needs of others.  

High expectations extend to the behaviour of pupils on the way to and from school. Pupils are taught that representing the school well at all times, including in the local community is extremely important.

Positive Behaviour

Pupils at Kingsford Community School enjoy a calm and secure environment where they are able to develop social relationships and learn to interact positively with one another.   The school has created an environment where pupils are able to develop their individual talents happily and safely. 

The application of our behaviour policy is always educative and based on restorative justice.  Pupils are helped to reflect upon and learn from their mistakes.  The school places significant emphasis upon restorative justice in helping to resolve conflict and in ensuring that young people learn from their experiences as well as any mistakes.


There are high quality relationships between members of the school community which foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and consideration.  Relationships between members of the Kingsford Community are exceptionally good.  Staff role model positive relationships, both between one another and with the pupils.  Both staff and pupils use the school dining room to socialise and relax at breaks and lunchtimes.  

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