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Kingsford Community School prides itself in being an International School, a school which is dedicated to the preparation of its students for life as global citizens. The International School Award scheme is supported and funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and managed by the British Council; it provides recognition for schools working to instil a global dimension into the learning experience of all children and young people. Our receipt of the award is a testament to the school’s commitment to instilling cosmopolitan values in our students.

A Kingsford education gives our students a comprehensive understanding of their place in the world and an appreciation of different cultures and practices. We work hard to ensure that diversity is seen as an opportunity for further learning, not a barrier.


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Posted Date 17/09/18
Does success at school equal success in life? Please, elaborate on your answers in a comment section. We'd love to know your opinion.
Posted Date 17/09/18
In we are committed to our pupils' success. All staff work towards setting achievable targets for pupils, so each individual can observe and learn from their tangible progress and move forward to even greater accomplishments.
Posted Date 13/09/18
DEAR stands for Drop Everything End Read. It is a weekly activity when for 15 minutes everyone in the school, including pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff, reads.
Posted Date 13/09/18
Excellent news! ⚽️

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