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Year 8 Curriculum Information

The Year 8 curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced to enable pupils to build on prior skills, knowledge and understanding they have gained.  The ambitious curriculum motivates pupils to develop the knowledge and skills, resilience and depth of learning needed to succeed in school and later life as well as well as an understanding of particular subjects.  Each subject has a planned learning journey with clear end points; setting out what pupils need to know, understand and do to reach their full potential leading to successful outcomes.  Pupils are prepared to make positive and informed choices for their future at the end of the Key Stage. 

In Year 8, pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum offer which includes study in the following subjects:

Curriculum Plan Year 8


Lessons in Week 1

Lessons in Week 2

Total Lessons over Two Weeks

English 4 4 8
Mathematics 4 4 8
Science 4 4 8
Core Physical Education 2 1 3
Computing 1 1 2
Humanities Geography 2 2 4
History 2 2 4
Languages French or Spanish 2 2 4
Mandarin 2 2 4
Art 1 1 2
Dance 0 1 1
Design and Technology/Food Preparation and Nutrition 2 2 4
Drama 1 1 2
Music 1 1 2
Philosophy and Ethics 1 1 2
PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Careers and Citizenship Education) 1 1 2


The school’s VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) enables pupils to access subject information and learning resources remotely and allows pupils to begin to take more responsibility for their own learning and to follow their interests. 

Click here to access the Year 8 Curriculum Information Booklet.

If you have any general enquiries about the curriculum please contact Ms S. Sarkar, Assistant Head Teacher, by email:

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