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The staff, governing body and pupils of Kingsford Community School would welcome you applying for a place at our school.  To do this you must follow the correct process for your child’s age as detailed below.

We are a school maintained by the London Borough of Newham which means Newham is the admission authority for Kingsford Community School. Newham Local Authority determines the selection criteria for school applications, as well as the admissions arrangements for pupils with disabilities. All applications for this school must be made through the London Borough of Newham’s Pupil Services, not this school.

Moving from primary to secondary school in September 2024

For all children born from 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 inclusive, you will need to apply for a year 7 secondary school place for September 2024. All Year 7 September 2023 applications must be made through the family’s home local authority by the 31st October 2023

For children living in Newham, families must apply via the London Borough of Newham. 

For children who live outside Newham, whose families want them to attend this school, applications must be made through their home borough naming this school as a preference on their application.

Please click here for the Information on the Year 7 application process.

Before submitting a Year 7 application we strongly recommend all families read the local authority’s ‘We are Starting Secondary School’ guide and find out information about the school you are interested in. 

Remember, families must apply for a place, even if their child:

  • Has a brother or sister attending the school.
  • Lives in the schools priority area.
  • Attends a link school.

The links below will assist you with making your application:

In Year admissions into secondary school (mid term and mid phase)

If a family arrives in Newham during the school year 2023/2024 and their child needs a school place they must complete an 'In Year' form naming their preferred schools.

In Year application information

In Year application form

School places are usually offered within 10 days. The place offered may not be at the school the family prefers as that school may not have a suitable place available.

School Finder

We recommend you use the Newham School Finder tool to determine the location of your preferred Newham schools and calculate home to school distances. 

Waiting lists

Please note that you may not be offered the school of your choice, if there are no vacancies at that school. Please click here for information on waiting lists.

Preparing to join Kingsford Community School

At Kingsford Community School all our transitions are carefully planned to ensure that they run smoothly and pupils feel supported at all times. To prepare pupils for joining us in Year 7, we work closely with local primary schools, sending regular newsletters and holding taster days so that pupils can experience the Kingsford learning experience from as early as Year 5.

Dates of our next open days and mornings will follow on this page soon.

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