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Our Vision for Kingsford Community School:

Our School’s Core Purpose is for every child to have high aspirations, to pursue academic and personal excellence to succeed in reaching their full potential.  A Kingsford education seeks to bestow excellent education for all, in an aspiring community where pupils’ learning comes first.  Our vision is to secure the highest possible academic outcomes for our pupils and to build the character needed to develop as effective global citizens, who are passionate about learning and pursue excellence and make a positive contribution to society.

Kingsford Community School Curriculum Intent:

Our curriculum is designed to engage, motivate and inspire all Kingsford pupils to be successful lifelong learners.  We aim to create a stimulating educational experience to develop a passion for learning alongside the knowledge, skills and social and cultural capital pupils need to succeed in life.  These educational experiences will enable pupils to achieve in a wide range of different contexts, develop existing talents, and discover new interests and passions.  Kingsford Community School provides an extensive array of cultural and sporting opportunities and a wide range of fascinating educational visits for pupils to enjoy.  To celebrate success, we always look to showcase the exceptional talents and abilities of our young people, and we believe such opportunities greatly enhance our pupil’s enjoyment at school.  Kingsford Community School provides quality education for all pupils regardless of background and starting points.

At the heart of Kingsford Community School is a desire to ensure all pupils become effective global citizens of the future, contributing positively to the wider community. The aim is to ensure pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain as open-minded, thoughtful, and respectful individuals. The whole school approach promotes student’s academic development and their development as young people, who understand and appreciate the significance of the wider important issues which impact the world in which they live.  Through the curriculum, pupils will regularly encounter such issues and ideas, and so develop the understanding they need in order to be successful citizens.  Time is also given to developing pupil’s awareness of matters which relate to their own personal welfare and well-being, such as the importance of leading an active, healthy lifestyle, and staying safe online. 

To complement the broad, balanced curriculum, Kingsford Community School offers an extensive co-curricular provision, to enable our pupils to maximise their potential.  Pupils therefore experience a rich, robust and engaging curriculum, with a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences at each stage of their education that goes beyond the classroom.  From the ages of eleven to sixteen, the curriculum gives pupils choices for their future as they become young adults and take their place in the world.  It is the school's aim that all pupils embrace school life and develop a passion for their learning. 

The Kingsford curriculum inspires and challenges all learners and prepares them for the future. The aim is to develop an inspiring, inclusive coherent curriculum, which aims to raise aspirations and equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attributes to ensure they are prepared for the next stage of education, employment, and adult life.  The Curriculum builds on young people’s experiences in the primary phase and enables all young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, and effective global citizens. It is designed using an understanding of excellent subject and pedagogical knowledge so that pupils can make outstanding progress. The curriculum equips learners to have the social and cultural capital to be successful in life, appreciating human creativity and achievement. The school aims to provide a disciplined, safe environment where pupils learn effectively and respect each other.

Central to this is the intent of the Kingsford curriculum which is to:   

  • Build on prior learning and enable pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become confident, successful lifelong learners. 
  • Develop pupil’s curiosity, enthusiasm, and love for learning through distinct areas of learning experiences that provide pupils with a range of opportunities that foster academic achievement, personal development, and enrichment. 
  • Raise aspirations, inspire, support and challenge pupils, to make informed choices at key transition points.
  • Gain qualifications and life skills that promote success in further and higher education, training and employment.    
  • Promote equality, community cohesion and the character virtues needed to be an effective contributing global citizen in modern day Britain.

We tailor the curriculum offer to be relevant to the context of our diverse, multi-cultural community being responsive to the changes that are characteristic of an East London demographic. We ensure a breadth of study and ambition for all learners, looking to overcome the barriers and challenges that may be part of some children’s lives.

As Kingsford Community School begins the process of returning to normal after Covid19, we are mindful that pupils and teachers need to reset, repair and rebuild the school community in response to the difficulties that have been faced. 

From Year 7 to Year 11 the curriculum is structured to meet the needs of the pupils and maximise their potential. This approach to curriculum planning and design ensures breadth and depth and aims to be ambitious for all pupils.  In years 7 and 8 pupils access a broad curriculum, setting them up with the requisite knowledge and understanding to begin their level 2 programme of study.

Any pupil starting school now, will be entering a job market where many of the careers with which we are familiar, will have changed.  As a result, at Kingsford Community School, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our existing offer, researching and adapting our curriculum to better meet the needs of our young people in a rapidly changing world.  In particular, we have recognised the additional challenges faced by vulnerable pupils and those with complex needs.  To this end, we have introduced greater curriculum flexibility, support from the inclusion team and raised awareness with all staff of these additional needs, whilst remaining ambitious for academic outcomes with all pupils.

At Kingsford Community School we believe in being ambitious and having high aspirations for all of our pupils.  Since 2019 we have reviewed progress targets for our pupils to ensure all stakeholders have the highest expectations.  This, together with appropriate levels of challenge and support, will ensure that all our pupils can maximise their potential.  Central to the Kingsford Curriculum in an academic core of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Modern foreign languages.  This is complemented by an exciting range of other subjects including practical and artistic subjects, which are key to supporting confidence, creativity and character.

Kingsford Community School believes in choice and opportunity for progression so that all pupils regardless of background, can achieve highly.   We get to know our pupils well, so that we can give them high-quality support to maximise their potential, and to enable them to move on to the next stage of their lives.  Ultimately, we want all our pupils to be happy and successful in their lives, and to make a positive contribution to the world.

Curriculum by subjects

We offer a broad academic and vocational curriculum with a combination of setting and mixed ability groups. We provide a curriculum that enables our learners to have high aspirations, to pursue academic and personal excellence to succeed in reaching their full potential. 

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