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The vision for the Kingsford Community School curriculum

Kingsford Community School provides quality education for all pupils regardless of background and starting points.  A Kingsford education seeks to bestow excellent education for all, in an aspiring community where pupils’ learning comes first.  Kingsford Community School offers a broad and balanced curriculum that is ambitious for all learners; everyone has access to knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to make an exceptional contribution to society.

At Kingsford Community School we combine the ambition for pupils to achieve outstanding academic results with an emphasis on developing the skills to help them become accomplished life-long learners

The curriculum is designed around producing:

  • Respectful, open-minded citizens who are prepared to make a contribution to their community.
  • Ambitious young people who read widely for pleasure and will do so for life.
  • Confident, creative individuals with the skills to thrive in the world of work as part of a team.
  • Resilient individuals, who have the courage to always give of their best, are honest with themselves and others, and are willing to develop to access and improve upon their weaknesses. 

Kingsford Community School Curriculum Intent:

Our curriculum is designed to engage, motivate and inspire all Kingsford pupils to be successful lifelong learners.  We aim to create a stimulating educational experience to develop a passion for learning alongside the knowledge, skills and social and cultural capital that pupils need to succeed in life.  We seek to provide educational experiences which will enable pupils to achieve in a wide range of different contexts, develop existing talents, and discover new interests and passions. 

At the heart of Kingsford Community School is a desire to ensure all pupils become effective global citizens who contribute positively to the wider community.  We will ensure pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain as open-minded, thoughtful, and respectful individuals. Time is also given to developing pupils' awareness of matters which relate to their own personal welfare and wellbeing, such as the importance of leading an active, healthy lifestyle, and staying safe online. 

Integral to the broad and balanced curriculum, is the extensive co-curricular provision offered at Kingsford which enables pupils to maximise their potential.  Pupils experience a rich, robust and engaging curriculum, with a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences at each stage of their education.  This includes an extensive array of cultural opportunities and sporting opportunities which include a wide range of fascinating educational visits for pupils to enjoy.  These opportunities are available at all stages in their educational journey including at key stage transition points.

From the ages of eleven to sixteen, the curriculum gives pupils choices for their future as they become young adults and take their place in the world.  It is the school's aim that all pupils embrace school life and develop a passion for their learning. 

Central to this is the intent of the Kingsford curriculum, which is to:   

  • Build on prior learning and enable pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become confident, successful lifelong learners. 
  • Develop pupils' curiosity, enthusiasm, and love for learning through distinct areas of learning experiences that provide pupils with a range of opportunities that foster academic achievement, personal development, and enrichment. 
  • Raise aspirations, inspire, support and challenge pupils, to make informed choices at key transition points.
  • Gain qualifications and life skills that promote success in further and higher education, training and employment.    
  • Promote equality, community cohesion and the character virtues needed to be an effective contributing global citizen in modern day Britain.

We tailor the curriculum offer to be relevant to the context of our diverse, multi-cultural community being responsive to the changes that are characteristic of our city and country and the wider world.  We foster high ambitions and ensure a breadth of study approaches for all learners, to overcome the barriers and challenges that may be part of some pupil’s lives.

As Kingsford Community School is in the process of returning to normal after Covid-19, and we are mindful that pupils and teachers need to reset, repair and to rebuild themselves in the school community in response to the national difficulties that have been faced. 

Kingsford Curriculum Principles

  • The curriculum is structured to build self-discipline, resilience and independent enquiry skills in pupils, preparing them to become lifelong learners.
  • Curriculum planning includes opportunities for improving pupils’ long-term recollection of content (retrieval practice, recap and recall)
  • The curriculum support pupils wider development and builds their social, moral, spiritual and cultural capital. 
  • All pupils are equipped to make informed choices about their future through the explicit teaching of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) and CEIAG (Careers Education Information and Guidance) provision.   A high-quality careers programme is in place preparing pupils for further and higher education leading to employment, training and or the world of work.


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