Kingsford Community School

Curriculum Developments

The school is aware of the changes taking place to the secondary curriculum at present and in the years to come.  These changes will affect both subject content and the ways in which subjects are taught and assessed.  Some of the key issues the school is encountering are:

  • The move to a greater emphasis on the final examination at GCSE, with a related decrease in ongoing assessment exercises.  This means that our pupils will need more practise in taking examinations, and the development of recap and recall skills to improve pupils' long term memory is crucial.
  • More in depth curriculum content.  The school will have to amend subject programmes of study and adapt the way we teach to ensure that we cover the range of required curriculum content in depth.  The school will be working with pupils to ensure they develop the skills necessary to assimilate larger amounts of information.
  • Greater subject complexity.  It is the school’s job to make sure that teachers effectively deliver the GCSE 9-1 programmes of study.  As part of our commitment to the academic success of pupils we ensure that all of our teachers are subject experts and able to impart their knowledge to pupils in an expert, clear and digestible way.

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