Kingsford Community School

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an undeniable impact on the landscape of education. Throughout the rapidly evolving scenarios we have ensured, as a school, that the safety and wellbeing of our pupils are paramount, while ensuring that they have continued access to excellent teaching and learning. 

We have been mindful throughout the pandemic that pupils and teachers need to reset, repair and to rebuild themselves in the school community in response to the national difficulties that have been faced.  Our curriculum and pastoral support programmes ensure that all community members have the opportunity to do this, while ensuring that our pupils’ outcomes and futures are not compromised. 

Although the vast majority of our lessons are now taking place in the classroom once more, we continue to monitor local and national guidance and ensure that hybrid learning is offered where needed. Pupils continue to be reminded of the importance of following protocols and demonstrating respect and consideration for others in the community, all of which contribute to ensuring that the school remains a safe and safeguarded place. 

Our Covid-19 risk assessment is continually reviewed and updated, and can be viewed here.


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