Kingsford Community School

School Uniform



Uniform must be worn smartly at all times. Coats, scarves, hats, gloves and any other outerwear may not be worn inside the building at any time. 

The school's uniform is as follows:

  • The Kingsford Community School blazer
  • The Kingsford Community School tie
  • A plain white shirt
  • Plain black trousers (ankle length), girls may alternatively wear a plain black skirt (below the knee and above the ankle)
  • Plain black shoes
  • The Kingsford Community School bag (only compulsory for those in Year 7)
  • The blue Kingsford Community School jumper (optional for all year groups)

Additionally, it is compulsory for pupils to wear the Kingsford Community  School tracksuit and polo shirt during all P.E. lessons and extended day sport  activities.

To see our full uniform policy, please click here.

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