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Preparing to join Year 7 at Kingsford in September

We are sure that you are looking forward to your summer holidays and the opportunity to relax and spend time with friends and family. However, many of you will be thinking about how best to prepare for this next stage, so we have prepared a couple of fun, but educational activities for you to engage with below.

Reading challenge

Reading is incredibly important for both academic success, but also for you to be able to communicate well and make sense of the rapidly changing world. Why not try and take part in a reading challenge this summer- a fun and relaxing way to spend a few days! You can set and complete challenges on the Summer Reading Challenge website, and take part in activities and games at Your tutor, and new English teacher, would love to hear about the badges you achieve and your opinions of the books you've read.

An introduction to Character Development

As you will know, Character Development forms a big part of your education at Kingsford, as we believe that who you are and who you become as a person while you are with us is just as important as what you learn. This 'Introduction to Character' booklet is a perfect way to start thinking about who you are, your positive character traits and what you would like to work on as a person to become the very best version of you! 

Make some memories

Finally, and most importantly, take the opportunity to do something fun, or interesting, or new to you this summer. This doesn't need to be something that costs money or involves travel- you could try out some new recipes, go to one of the many free museums or galleries in London, take photos in your local park, learn a new sport- whatever appeals to you!

Make a record of it- take a photo, write about it- however you like to record your memories. Sharing your summer experiences when you come to Kingsford in September is a great way of breaking the ice with all of the new people you will meet and for your new classmates to get to know you!

We wish you a very safe and happy summer and cannot wait to see you in September.

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