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Preparing to join Year 7: Induction Day Thursday 6th July

At Kingsford Community School we work closely with local primary schools to ensure a smooth transition through the important step into Secondary education. For many pupils and their families this can be a daunting move, with children often changing friendship groups and adapting to a new routine and a more independent approach to learning. As a school we work hard to ensure that our pupils feel welcome and included from the outset, and that their families feel well informed about the kind of school community they will be joining.

If your child is due to join us in Year 7, you might find it helpful to read our latest Year 7 transition newsletter – if you are looking for your child to join Kingsford Community School in the coming months or years, this may also give you a helpful insight into what life in Year 7 at our school is like.

Parents preparing for this transition may also find the following resources helpful:

We look forward to welcoming Year 6 pupils who will be joining Kingsford in September for our induction ay on Thursday 6th July, when pupils will be able to experience taster lessons, complete important assessments, and begin to prepare for their transition to secondary school.

The Kingsford Induction Day

The Kingsford Induction Day is an important event, where customarily, your child has their first experience of secondary school life at the Kingsford Community School site whilst they are in Year 6. Please be advised that this is a centralised induction day for Newham schools, when all Year 6 pupils attend their new secondary school for a taster day.

Your child should arrive at the main entrance of Kingsford Community School at 8.15 am. and should be collected from the same entrance at 3.10 p.m. Your child should wear their primary school uniform. Lunch will be provided to your child on the day.

If your child is unable to attend the Induction Day, please let us know as soon as possible via: We are looking forward to meeting your child in person on the Induction Day, as they begin their journey to Aspire, Succeed and Be Excellent in all that they do at Kingsford Community School.

Baseline Assessments During the Induction Day

To support with the primary to secondary transition programme your child will undertake some computer-based assessments during their Induction Day. The assessments will support the school to determine the level of support and other provision that the school should consider for your child. Please ensure that your child has their own set of headphones that can be plugged into a headphone socket of a computer. These assessments are to support your child’s education at Kingsford, your child does not need to prepare for the assessments, nor should they be anxious or worried about them, as the focus of the assessments is to gather information on how best to support your child's academic progression as they begin their educational journey at Kingsford.

Year 6 Parent Information Session

The Year 6 Parent Information Session will take place on the evening of Thursday 6th July 2023 from 5.30 pm. – 6.30 pm. This event will allow you and your child to hear from the members of the Kingsford Leadership Team and other Kingsford Community School Staff who will be playing a crucial role in supporting your child's academic and personal development. The session will also provide a wealth of information that will be essential in supporting your child including, timings of the school day, uniform requirements, the Home School Agreement details, as well as other frequently asked questions.

Year 6 group interviews and collection of documentation for your child

The school values the support that parents provide as their child makes the transition from primary school to secondary school. To facilitate this, you will be invited to attend a small group meeting when additional information about the school will be shared with you and other parents. These small group meetings will take place on specific days and times, and you will be sent an invitation to attend. During the small group meeting the school will also require you to provide specific documentation for your child including your child’s birth certificate and or their passport for confirmation purposes. The small group session will also provide you with an opportunity to ask staff questions and address any queries you may have.

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