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School Dinner Online Payments

Dear Parent or Carer,

I am writing to inform you that as of December 2017 Kingsford Community School will be entering a contract with an online payment service, “Pay on ParentMail” will allow you to pay for your child’s break and lunch time meal purchases at the school quickly and easily via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

I have taken the decision to implement this system as it has been brought to my attention that some pupils, instead of purchasing a healthy and nutritious food option at lunch time they are using the lunch money provided by their parents to buy sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks from local shops before and after school.  I am aware that a number of pupils are not eating any healthy food during the school day at all.  This is a worry as a pupil’s ability to learn and concentrate is negatively affected if they do not have a balanced and healthy diet.  It is important that all pupils have access to healthy food as this helps to improve concentration and energy levels.  By using the online payment system and ensuring that your child eats healthily in school, you will be improving their learning potential.

Some pupils allege that their parents are not providing them with lunch money.  It is important that all parents note their responsibility to ensure that their child has a mid-day meal via either a packed lunch from home or the purchase of a school meal at the cost of £2.10 per day.  The school will send text messages to all parents of those children who are a concern due to them not having a healthy meal at lunch time on a weekly basis from next term.

Through “Pay on ParentMail”, you can pay for your child’s meals via your debit or credit card online rather than giving your child money to bring in to school.  Payment methods currently in addition to credit or debit cards are PayPal and PayPoint (available in local shops).  The school is able to provide you with a print out of the meals your child has purchased for each week on request.

If you have an Android or Apple smartphone, I recommend you download the FREE ParentMail app so that you can make easy, online payments on the go.  To do this, please search for ‘ParentMail’ in the app store on your mobile phone device or tablet.  Please note: ParentMail links your account to your child based on the contact details the school has for your child on the Kingsford pupil information system.  Therefore, please ensure the school administration office has your most up to date and accurate phone numbers, and where available, email address.

If you need any additional information or assistance, please visit the ParentMail help site:  Alternatively, please contact the main school office on 020 7476 4700 and ask for Mrs L. Roberts or Mr D. Turner who will provide you with advice and guidance.  I trust that I can rely on your support and co-operation to ensure that your child has a healthy meal each day by either purchasing a school meal or bringing a healthy packed lunch from home each day if this has not been the case.  Many thanks to those parents who have always done this consistently.

Yours sincerely,


Joan Deslandes OBE

Head Teacher 

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