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Y11 Pre-Public Examinations - January 2019

Dear Parent or Carer,

Re: Your Child’s Forthcoming Pre-Public Examinations (Mock Exams)

Wednesday 9th January to Thursday 31st January 2019


As you know, Year 11 is a crucial year in your child’s education as your child undertakes their final months of GCSE study at Kingsford Community School. I am writing to update you on some important dates associated with this, and to advise of the help and support that is being provided for your child. This letter contains vital information and you may wish to transfer the dates to your diary and keep this letter in a safe place.

A copy of your child’s end of Autumn Term School report accompanies this letter. This report provides information about your child’s progress in their GCSE courses and includes the GSCE grade your child is expected to achieve in their final GCSE examinations.  

Pre-Public GCSE Examinations (Mock Exams)

The Pre-Public GCSE examinations are an important feature of Year 11. By undertaking these exams your child will gain an early indication of what to expect in the final GSCE examinations which take place in May and June 2019. The examinations will also provide teachers with a clear indication on how they can best support your child to meet or exceed their GCSE target grades. Over the next two terms, your child will continue to gain knowledge and understanding of the important process of preparation for their final examinations.

Pre- Public GCSE Examination Timetable

Please click HERE to view a copy of your child's Pre-Public GSCE Examination timetable. These examinations take place from Wednesday 9th January to Thursday 31st January 2019. Your child should attend school as normal during this examination period and their subject teachers will arrange for them to attend their examinations at the appropriate time. Where your child does not have a Pre-Public Examination scheduled, they will undertake their normal lessons.


You child’s teachers have already spoken to them about the Pre-Public examinations, and have highlighted the topics that should be revised and a range of effective approaches to revision. I would strongly encourage your child to speak with their teachers about areas of work or revision that they are struggling to understand or where they believe they need further support. In addition, over the Christmas holidays, I would recommend that your child dedicates some time to read through their revision guides and class notes to prepare for the Pre-Public Examinations.


Your child is responsible for ensuring they have the correct equipment for each examination. Your child should bring the following: 3 black pens, a pencil, an eraser, ruler, appropriate math’s equipment and calculator (if allowed). Please ensure your child is in full school uniform during the examination period.

If your child has any further questions about the pre-public examinations, please ask them to speak to their tutor, Ms Davis (Year Progress Leader) or Ms Zaman (Assistant Head Teacher) at the earliest opportunity.

Yours sincerely,


Joan Deslandes OBE
Head Teacher

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