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Curriculum Choice

The school wishes to provide you with advice on how you can support your child to complete their GCSE Curriculum Choice form online (see link below).

As discussed with your child during last week’s assembly, this is a crucial time in your child’s educational career. You and your child should:

  • consider the information contained in this Curriculum Choice booklet.
  • take account of the previous discussions you have had with your child’s teachers
  • consider your child’s achievement and engagement in their subjects when making the important decision about the GCSE subjects your child will study.

The school’s aim is to ensure that your child makes an informed decision that will allow them to achieve their full potential. Your input, as well as your partnership with the school, will be invaluable in ensuring that this happens.

Please click here for a presentation for further information on the Curriculum Choice 2020. 

Please find the GCSE Curriculum guidance information below. Your child should select three curriculum subjects from the choices listed and three reserve choices. If your child is currently on the Mandarin Excellence Programme, one of their choices MUST be Mandarin

Your child’s curriculum choices should be completed via the link below no later than Monday 30th March 2020.


Click here to make your curriculum choices

A curriculum which includes non-GCSE courses may be more appropriate for some pupils as this may provide a more suitable pathway for them to meet their potential. Where this is deemed appropriate, the school will work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that the curriculum pathway effectively meets their child’s individual needs.

Once your child’s subject choices have been collated, your child will be invited to attend an interview with a member of the Leadership Team to finalise and approve your child’s GCSE curriculum. You will receive a letter to confirm the curriculum that your child will be following from September 2020 in due course.

If you have any questions about the above information, please do not hesitate to contact an Associate School Leader via the following email address:

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