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Preparing to join Secondary School

At Kingsford Community School we work closely with local primary schools to ensure a smooth transition through the important step into Secondary education. For many pupils and their families this can be a daunting move, with children often changing friendship groups and adapting to a new routine and a more independent approach to learning. As a school we work hard to ensure that our pupils feel welcome and included from the outset, and that their families feel well informed about the kind of school community they will be joining.

This week we circulated our latest Year 7 transition newsletter for primary schools – if you are looking for your child to join Kingsford Community School in the coming months or years, this may give you a helpful insight into what life in Year 7 at our school is like.

Parents preparing for this transition may also find the following resources helpful:

If you have any questions about our transition programme, or our arrangements for admissions to the school, our admissions team would be pleased to hear from you:

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