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Preparing young leaders at Kingsford Community School

At Kingsford Community School, education is not just about information but also about transformation, and we go beyond the academic to fully develop the young people we teach every day. The vision for pupil leadership at Kingsford Community School is to develop your children's character, along with their social, cultural capital to prepare them for a range of roles in society as effective contributing citizens.

Pupils have opportunities to actively participate in the leadership of the school and to provide feedback as school leaders on aspects of the curriculum we teach, the experience they have in lessons, the school's support for wellbeing and safety, and our extra-curricular activities, for example.

Our pupil leaders serve as important role models for our younger pupils, modelling the behaviour needed to thrive and succeed at school and beyond.

At Kingsford, are pupils are listened to and supported to become confident, proactive young people who are equipped to make a difference to the world around them.

In this newsletter, you can read more about the vast array of leadership development opportunities available to our pupils. Our prefects share their experiences as school leaders, and parents can find out more about how to support the development of their children's leadership skills which are invaluable for later life.


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